The Power of Visualization: My Journey from Learning to Drive to Growing My Business

by Cheefoo • Updated on 1 Aug, 2023

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the power of visualization

Do you know the secret weapon that many successful entrepreneurs swear by to achieve their dreams?

Nope, it’s not skills or luck. 

It's the power of visualization.

You might have unknowingly used this incredible tool already. 

Let's explore its true potential together. 

My Story: Learning to Drive

At 21, my schedule was tight as I juggled my army duties. My only available time for driving lessons was during weekends, and I eagerly booked the 7 am slots on both Saturdays and Sundays.

learning to drive

To make the most of my limited time, I engaged in constant mental rehearsals during the weekdays. I visualized every step of driving, from handling the steering wheel to working the clutch and accelerator of a manual car.

As my driving test got closer, I focused more on visualizing. Even on a bus or in a car, I'd close my eyes and imagine driving scenarios.

rehearsing car handling

When the test day came, I felt surprisingly calm and confident. Little did I know, I had been using visualization all along. It worked wonders, as I passed the driving test easily on my first try.

Discovering the Impact of Visualization

After my successful driving experience, I became more curious about visualization.

I read more about it and discovered that I had been using this technique without even realizing it.

Excited to explore its potential, I started using visualization in my business pursuits.

Applying Visualization to My Business

One area where I found visualization to be incredibly useful was during sales meetings with potential clients. Prior to meeting a new prospect, I would take some time to visualize the entire encounter.

Like this... 

I would picture the initial handshake, the genuine happiness on the client's face, and the satisfying moment of signing the contract.


By mentally rehearsing these scenarios, I felt more prepared and self-assured during the actual meetings. Although the outcomes didn't always match my exact visualizations, I noticed a significant improvement in my communication, confidence, and overall performance.

The Impact of Visualization on Mindset

Over time, I came to understand that visualization was not a magic formula that guaranteed instant success. Rather, it influenced my mindset and approach to challenges. By setting ambitious goals and envisioning successful scenarios, my actions became more purposeful and focused.

However, my experience with visualization has taught me that the outcome is not always exactly what I visualize. 

Despite this, I have found that the practice of visualization sets me at my most resourceful or flow state, increasing my chances of success. When I am in this state, tasks that once seemed daunting become much easier to tackle.

resourceful state

For instance, writing content, planning, and even talking to difficult prospects become more manageable and effective.

Visualizing success empowered me to reach beyond my comfort zone and strive for greater heights in my business. Even when faced with setbacks, my positive mindset and mental rehearsals gave me the resilience to learn from failures and try again with renewed determination.

How to Practice Visualization

Find a Quiet Space
Choose a peaceful environment where you can relax without interruptions. This could be a quiet room, a park, or any place where you feel comfortable.

Set Clear Goals
Define the specific goals you want to achieve through visualization. Whether it's closing a major deal, expanding your business, or achieving personal growth, be precise and detailed.

Engage All Senses
Make your visualizations more vivid by involving all your senses. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures associated with your desired outcomes.

Be Consistent
Practice visualization 10 min regularly, twice a day. The more you do it, the more effective it becomes in shaping your thoughts and actions.

Wrapping Up

Visualization alone does not work. 

You have to put in hard work too. Only then will you reap what you sow.

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