The Day I Lost a Big Client… and What I Learned

by Cheefoo • Updated on 3 Jan, 2024

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lost a big client

The Unexpected Farewell

On a bright Tuesday, filled with optimism, I pitched a project I was passionate about. The client's positive response hinted at a bigger budget and promising opportunities.

However, life had other plans.

A month later, a message shattered my hopes - 'restructuring,' 'end of contract,' 'no renewal.'

Losing a big client felt like everything I relied on was snatched away. I questioned the value of my efforts and considered job listings.

But in the game of life and entrepreneurship, curveballs are inevitable. I chose to dust off, stand up, and prepare for the next round.

The Financial Reality Check

Overwhelmed by the surprise, I shifted my focus to the practical aspects, starting with my finances.

My first stop: expenses

Running an online business means every penny counts. Losing a big client felt like a storm rocking my secure boat. I had to tighten my belt and scrutinize every expense.

small boat storm

Canceling unused subscriptions and unnecessary tools was an easy choice. 

Like that fancy plugin I was barely using, or that tool I thought would simplify my life but only caused more problems.

Click, cancel subscription.

cancel confirm

But deciding between two subscriptions, one cheaper with fewer features and the other offering locked-in perks, was a head-scratcher.

perks locked in

Tapping into my savings became necessary, as the financial downpour hit hard. I realized this was a lesson they don't teach in business school - smart financial management during tough times.

Despite the challenges, I learned valuable lessons and found ways to stabilize my business.

The Wake-Up Call

Losing a big client is like a punch in the gut, but this time it hit differently.

punch gut

I had fooled myself into thinking our relationship was bulletproof, that I was indispensable. Oh, how wrong I was.

When the person in charge changed, everything changed.

It didn't matter how hard I had worked or how much I had exceeded expectations. Suddenly, I was left standing on the outside, wondering what went wrong.

That bitter pill forced me to confront a hard truth -

I had put all my eggs in one basket.

I had relied too heavily on that one client, and now I was paying the price. It was a rookie mistake that I vowed never to repeat.

eggs basket

This wake-up call taught me the importance of diversifying my client base.

eggs different basket

I couldn't afford to be at the mercy of a single client's whims ever again. I needed to find multiple sources of income to cushion the blow of any future losses.

Though the lesson was bitter, it made me wiser, stronger, and ready to face future challenges with resilience.

Finding Opportunities

Losing that big client felt like losing a tooth as a kid - a mix of fear and excitement.

But dwelling on the loss wouldn't get me anywhere. I had to find new opportunities, fast.

I realized that reaching out to my existing clients was a quick move. With familiarity and trust, initiating conversations was easier. I comfortably approached my close clients, sharing details about my offerings, and asking if they had any new projects.

reach out to existing clients

For less connected clients, I took a simple but effective approach.

Sending relevant industry trends or reports showed them my interest and expertise. 

sharing trends

It initiated conversations and kept me on their radar.

sharing trends reply

Focusing on existing clients allowed me to tap into existing networks of opportunities.

Nurturing relationships and staying relevant mattered more than immediate purchases. Being present when their needs arose became my priority.

Rethinking Strategies

I found myself at a crossroads, realizing that cutting expenses further wasn't feasible. It was time to focus on increasing sales and finding new customers.

Here's how I approached the challenge:

Action Steps:

  • Listed down my best services, highlighting my expertise and the unique value I bring to clients.
  • Ensured my pricing was on par with the industry standard, maintaining a profit margin of at least 50%.
  • Added more value to my offerings without increasing costs, such as providing detailed documentation and exceptional customer service.
  • Invested in targeted paid ads with carefully crafted landing pages.
  • Monitored the results closely, analyzing the data to refine my strategies and optimize the effectiveness of my advertising efforts.
ads keeping winners

Keeping Winner Ads


I started attracting a different caliber of customers - those who appreciated my expertise, dedication, and the value I brought to the table. They recognized that quality often outweighed price alone and were willing to invest in excellence.

customer appreciate

In short, delivering value and going the extra mile will always leave a lasting impact on your customers and contribute to the growth of your business.

Investing in Personal Growth

As I was weathering the storm, I realized that bouncing back required more than just business strategies. It was time to invest in my personal growth because I knew that my well-being directly impacted the success of my business.

One day, I came across a book at the library that caught my eye. It was titled 'Limitless' by Jim Kwik.

limitless jim

Curiosity piqued, I decided to give it a read. Little did I know that it would become a catalyst for change.

As I delved into the pages, Jim's words resonated with me on a deep level. He emphasized the incredible power of our brains and how we can tap into their potential to achieve extraordinary results. It was like a light bulb went off in my mind.

There was one quote that stood out to me like a beacon:

headshot jim kwik


Only when you start to learn new things, new brain neurons are activated.

Jim Kwik - Brain Trainer

Those words echoed in my thoughts, making me realize how I had fallen into a pattern of complacency. I had been sticking to the familiar and comfortable, hesitant to step out of my comfort zone.

Working alone for an extended period had made me somewhat rigid in my thinking. I relied on the same old methods, thinking they would lead me to success. But I was missing out on the power of exploring new horizons.

pattern of complacency

That's when it hit me. It was time to break free from the shackles of routine and embrace the unknown. This journey of personal growth wasn't about passively consuming more self-help videos. It required actively unlocking the full capabilities of my brain to learn, grow, and adapt.

With newfound determination, I made a commitment to myself. I sought out 

  • online courses that challenged me,
  • delved into books outside of my usual genres, and
  • engaged in thought-provoking conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

I wanted to expose myself to fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, and creative solutions that could breathe new life into my work.

So, I encourage you to embark on your own personal growth journey.

Embrace new challenges, seek out knowledge in unconventional ways, and challenge your brain to think differently. You'll be amazed at the incredible transformation and limitless possibilities that await you on this path of continuous learning and personal development.

Wrapping Up

Well, all things work together for good. As tough as it was, it was time to move on. 

So, what about you?

Have you ever lost a big client? How did you handle it? What changes did it bring about in your business and personal life?

I'd love to hear your stories.

Leave a comment below, and let's grow together through our shared experiences.

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