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Do you have a service that you offer?

If so, then you need to build a service landing page for it - and our resource page will teach you how.

A good persuasive landing page can help you convert more visitors into customers by presenting your service in a way that makes them want to sign up immediately.

In this resource guide, we'll show you how to build an effective persuasive landing page for any type of business, so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

Chapter 1


The headline of your service page is crucial to its success. It's the first thing people see, and it should accurately represent what you're writing about.

What separates between a good and average headline? The best headlines are engaging, clear and targeted towards your ideal customer.

Specifically, you'll see exactly how to create one that draws your customers in.


How to Create Winning Headlines in 9 Simple Steps


Create headlines that are captivating by using templates.

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How to Write a Headline That Hooks Readers in 15 Ways


The different angles to use in a catchy headline (with examples).

Check Out This Resource

How to Write a Good Headline


A headline is everything. Quick tips to enhance your existing headline.

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How to Write an Irresistible Headline in 3 Easy Steps


Crafting a winning headline is easy to do with three steps and marketing science. Check Out This Resource

Chapter 2


A subheadline is a title of a paragraph, which briefly describes its content and provides previews to these contents.

Subheadings serve to break up long sections of text. They allow your reader to skim and find what they're looking for more easily.

You'll see how to write great subheadings so that your content becomes more appealing too.


How to Write Subheads that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers


Subheads are signposts that draw the reader through the content.

Check Out This Resource

How to Write Gripping Subheadings to Add More Value to Your Article


Tips on how to choose the right subheadings.

Check Out This Resource

Subheadings Can Make or Break Your Content. Here’s How to Write Them Well


The most effective subheadings answer questions with concise, benefit-oriented copy.

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What is a Subheading? (And How to Write Ones at Scale that Don’t Suck)


Before writing, take the time to organize your content so it is optimized for search engines.

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Chapter 3

The Hook

A hook is an interesting sentence that gets people's attention. It grabs your reader and make them want to read more.

Humans have a short attention span. It is very important to start with a hook.

You'll learn how to write a great hook. And where to include it so that your service page gets the most attention possible.


6 Tips to Make Great Sales Hooks


A well-crafted sales hook can help you open the door with your customer and make them interested in what you have to offer.

Check Out This Resource

How to Write a Killer Hook in Your Sales Copy


Use a powerful hook on the beginning of a sales page to capture people.

Check Out This Resource

Here are 5 psychological hooks that will pull her in, hook, line and sinker!


Use psychological hooks to catch the attention of your audience

Check Out This Resource

How To Make Boring Content More Engaging


The “3 sentence rule” for making boring content more engaging.

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Chapter 4

Build Trust

Trust is a big part of running any service based business. It's what helps you turn visitors into customers and grow your customer base over time.

If trust isn't there, then it makes it harder for people to buy from you - no matter how good or beneficial your offer might be.

In this section, we'll show you how to use content on your landing page to build trust with visitors.


17 Ways To Social Proof Your Brand


Your customers want to see social proof so they feel confident investing in you.

Check Out This Resource

Social Proof: How To Use Psychology In Digital Marketing


People want to know that there are happy customers before they commit to a business.

Check Out This Resource

The Ultimate Guide to Get Results With Social Proof Marketing


To collect social proof data on websites, you need to start out with already collected information and then go more in depth with a tactical approach.

Check Out This Resource

Negative Social Proof: Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Website


When social proof is used incorrectly, it messes with your ability to close the sale.

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Chapter 5

Pain & Solution

What is your customer's pain?

Do they have a problem that you can solve for them? When you are better at describing their pain than they are, you have won them. Presenting your solution is the next logical step.

I'll show you how to identify the pain of your customer so that you can present your solution more effectively - and get them on board.

pain solution

Problem-Agitate-Solve Oh My! Classic Copywriting Formula That Converts


PAS copywriting is important for understanding audiences and leading to a response (with examples)

Check Out This Resource

Copywriting: How To Use The PAS Formula


When to use P.A.S formula in your copy

Check Out This Resource

Chapter 6

Big Difference

What makes you different?

Find out how to craft your own unique selling point. So that you stand out from your competitors even if you're selling a common service.

You'll learn how to identify your unique selling point - and present it in a way that is highly persuasive.

big difference

What a Unique Selling Proposition Is (And Isn't) Plus 10 Examples to Inspire You


Examples of brands who have done a good job at convincing customers with their unique selling proposition are

Check Out This Resource

Building a Unique Selling Proposition


Steps to Building a Unique Selling Proposition

Check Out This Resource

How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition (and Why You Need it)


A list of questions to help find your spark

Check Out This Resource

USP Ideas – How to Make Your Business Stand Out


What is a USP and why it's important to be part of your website strategy.

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Chapter 7

Offers and Bonus

An offer is what you're selling that comes with an attractive value. You can build the value of your offer by adding bonuses.

With a great offer, you get people excited about using your service.

In this section, we'll show you how to build an irresistible offer that customers can't refuse - even if they're on a tight budget right now.

offers bonus

25 Brilliant Examples of Compelling Offers That Customers Can't Refuse


You can craft your service into a compelling offer with these examples. 

Check Out This Resource

How to Craft an Offer That Can’t Be Refused


The principles of offering what people want is to make an offer they won't refuse.

Check Out This Resource

How To Create An Irresistible Offer


When you stack several concepts together, the offer will be irresistible.

Check Out This Resource

The Most Effective Sales Tactic: Adding Bonuses by Pat Flynn


A real case study on combining bonuses with your service and encourages customers to buy.

Check Out This Resource

How to Create an Irresistible Offer No One Can Refuse


This guide will show you how to use offers and step by step creation.

Check Out This Resource

Chapter 8


What benefits do you offer your customer?

Don't just tell people the features they get - show them. Showing benefits help your customer make a decision, not just telling them what they will get.

Later, you'll see what makes up a great benefit.


Features vs. Benefits: Here's the Difference & Why It Matters


Features are characteristics of your service and benefits are the outcomes that users will experience.

Check Out This Resource

A Simple Trick to Turn Features Into Benefits (and Seduce Readers to Buy)


The service page is full of features, but it can be simplified to a list of benefits.

Check Out This Resource

Benefits vs Features: How to Capture and Keep Attention


When customers decide to buy (or not buy), they consider both benefits and features.

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Chapter 9

Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity and urgency are two factors that can increase conversions on your service page.

But they are only useful if you use them right.

How to implement these two factors correctly? We'll show you exactly how in this section.

scarcity urgency

How to Use Urgency and Scarcity to Improve Conversions


Urgency and scarcity work because it changes the consumer's behavior toward supply and demand, which are two fundamental economic building blocks.

Check Out This Resource

18 Scarcity Examples that Can Boost Sales


Examples of scarcity that makes items more appealing.

Check Out This Resource

8 Scarcity Examples to Get Better B2B Sales


B2B companies also can scarcity to convince prospects of their urgency and importance.

Check Out This Resource

How to Create Urgency in Marketing to Boost Your Conversions (17 Tips)


Urgency can help improve conversions with the right words.

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25+ Powerful FOMO Statistics to Skyrocket Sales (2021)


If you use fear of missing out to increase your sales, this article has statistics that support it.

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Chapter 10


What happens if you don't deliver on your promise? A guarantee is a great way to reassure customers and reduce refund requests.

Reduce the risk for your customers. So that they know exactly what they're getting into when using your service.

You'll learn how to craft a guarantee that is effective and reassure your customer.


Writing a Guarantee That Converts


Templates for guarantees that are primarily used in service companies to increase trust.

Check Out This Resource

Satisfaction Guarantees: 7 of The Best Examples We’ve Seen (and When to Use Them)


Different satisfaction guarantee types that you can reference to assure your customer, if they are not satisfied with the service.

Check Out This Resource

The 2-Step Formula for Eliminating Refunds


Extending the length of your guarantee will generate more sales

Check Out This Resource

How to Handle Refund Requests With Customers Tactfully


When a customer requests a refund, the business should respond fast and tactfully offer their best solution to resolve any issues.

Check Out This Resource

Chapter 11


The bottom line: what should your pricing be?

It should be clear, concise and accurate - so that your customers can know exactly what they're getting into before signing up.

You'll learn how to select an appropriate price - and finally put it on paper so that you have something concrete.


Service Pricing For Small Business Owners: How To Price Your Services


If you're a small business owner who provides services, then these tips should ensure that your company is profitable.

Check Out This Resource

Should You Put Your Prices on Your Website? Pros and Cons


When deciding whether to put your prices on your website, consider what the consumer wants and needs.

Check Out This Resource

What Do The Best Website Pricing Pages Look Like?


The pricing page needs to have a well designed layout, as much as the pricing strategy.

Check Out This Resource

Tiered Pricing Model Explained (In Plain English)


Tiered pricing is a safe way for companies to offer different options.

Check Out This Resource

Chapter 12

Call to Action

So what do you want your customer to do?

Give a call for action that is clear and concise.

We'll show you how to craft one that gets customers excited about using your service - without any resistance or confusion on their part.

call to action

40 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click


Examples of CTAs to guide visitors through the buying journey.

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How to Create the Perfect Call to Action (11 Examples)


When creating content, you need to know the different types of CTA.

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[Guide] 6 Tips To Choose The Perfect Color For Call-To-Action [CTA] Button


Using the right colors, text and design will help a call-to-action button convert.

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How To Write The Perfect Call-To-Action That Gets Results (Plus Examples)


Marketers should follow these best practices in order to create a clickable CTA.

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Did I Miss Out Anything?

I hope this guide helps you quickly craft your service landing page.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

What was your favorite resource from this guide?

Or maybe you have an excellent piece of content that you think I should add.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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