7 Key Benefits of Local SEO Strategies: Unlocking Success

by Cheefoo • Updated on 3 Jan, 2024

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benefits of local seo

Wondering how to make your business shine locally?

Learn about the benefits of Local SEO that can boost your visibility and connect you with your community.

Get Seen More Easily

Local SEO helps your business show up when people nearby search for what you offer. It's like putting a spotlight on your business online, making it more likely for local customers to find you.

When you rank on page 1 and in the Google Maps pack, your online visibility increases, boosting the likelihood of clicks to your site.

get seen more easily

Save Money on Ads

Unlike expensive digital ads, local SEO is free if you do it yourself. It's a budget-friendly way to reach the right people without spending too much. Plus, if your keywords are costly in ads, local SEO can be a smarter and more affordable choice.

Assuming a cost per click of $3, here's the breakdown of your ad spend for daily budgets of either $30 or $60.

ads spend

Jumping into local SEO with a vendor can start at $800 per month and goes up from there.

Interestingly, the cost difference isn't a huge leap compared to running ads. The real savings kick in if you go the DIY route.

Lasting Impact

Unlike traditional ads where you have to keep paying, Local SEO is like an investment that keeps giving. With ads, once you stop paying, the traffic stops too. But with Local SEO, your traffic grows over time. It's like planting seeds that keep growing, attracting customers and ensuring steady, long-term growth for your business.

Check out how a page impressions have been on the rise for the past 3 months. This is happening without continuous actions. 

lasting impact

Look Good on Phones

Local SEO makes your business shine on mobile devices. It's like having a storefront that looks fantastic on everyone's smartphones. With more people using mobile to search, this means you're always putting your best foot forward, grabbing attention, and making it easy for customers to connect with you on the go.

Like this:

look good on phones

Easy Way to Collect Reviews

Good reviews from happy customers make your business trustworthy. Local SEO helps you manage and share these reviews online, building a positive reputation. When people see others had a good experience, they're more likely to choose you.

Not everyone finds time to leave reviews, even when they receive good service. You need to prompt them. Google provides a simple way for customers to write reviews for your business.

write a review

Get More Leads

Local SEO helps you get more customers. It's not just about getting more people to visit your website. With Google, customers can call or message you right away. It's like making it super easy for them to reach out and become your customer.

get more leads calls

You can also track the number of visitors who ask for directions to your business.

get more leads directions

Look More Trustworthy

Being on Google and having a business profile there makes you look trustworthy. It's like having a big sign that says, "You can trust us!" This helps you stand out and make people feel comfortable choosing your business.

When Google has more information about you, it can generate a knowledge graph.

look more trustworthy

Wrapping Up

Mastering local SEO can be a challenge, requiring effort and the right local SEO tools.

It's no quick fix, but as you stay committed, the rewards will come pouring in –

think of it as planting seeds for a future garden of business success! 

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