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by Cheefoo • Updated on 27 Sep, 2023

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Ready to supercharge your website? Meet your contenders: and Kinsta.

I'm here to help you decide without any tech jargon. But first, why does hosting matter? 

Why Hosting Matters: Your Digital Launchpad

Hosting is your website's digital home, determining its speed, reliability, and security.

Did you know that 88% of online shoppers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience? source

When choosing the right hosting, consider these questions:

  • Is speed a priority for your users?
  • Are you seeking reliability around the clock?
  • How vital is top-notch security to protect your digital assets?
  • Is scalability important as your site grows?

Answering these questions will lead you to the perfect hosting match between and Kinsta.

Feature Comparison

Let's compare the key features of and Kinsta side by side.







24/7 Chat, Ticketing

24/7 Chat, Ticketing


Starts at $30 / mo

Starts at $35 / mo


17 Paid Plans

10 Paid Plans

🚀Performance Grade



📊Monthly Visits

250k to Unmetered

25k to 1000k




📀Storage Space 

10GB to 2TB

10 GB to 100 GB


Cloudflare Enterprise

Cloudflare Enterprise

(100GB to 2000GB)

💸Money Back

30 days

30 days

⬇️Wordpress Installs

1 - 200

1 - 150

💿Supported Platforms


WordPress, Applications, Databases

📤Free Migration




Get ready for a tech deep-dive! Here are the technical features of Kinsta and




32 cores + 128 GB RAM

12 cores + 8 GB RAM


Yes, free

$100 / mo

🖥Server Software

Nginx and Apache



Bare metal private cloud

Google Cloud

☁️Hosting Types

Managed, Dedicated

Managed, Dedicated


1 free staging for each install

1 free staging for each install

📱User Interface



💽Storage Types





Amazon Route 53




🔄Data Transfer

50 GB to 800 GB

10 GB – 250 GB

📧 Email




14 day

 14 days to 30 days

Introducing, a 2020 newcomer, redefines WordPress hosting with its blazing speed. Founded by Ben Gabler and Josip Radan in West Palm Beach, Florida, it boasts $3.1 million in Annualized Recurring Revenue in 2023. With eight global data centers, ensures lightning-fast performance, making it your ideal hosting partner. Read full review of


  • Exceptionally fast performance.
  • Free Cloudflare enterprise CDN ($6000 value)
  • Free SSL and WAF
  • Free always-on malware protection
  • 24x7 support from WordPress experts


  • No bundled email service provided.

Get started with

Introducing Kinsta

Kinsta, in the hosting game since 2013, stands tall as a leader in managed WordPress hosting. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and founded by Mark Gavalda, Kinsta boasts hosting in 35 global locations, guaranteeing lightning-fast load times. Their decade-long legacy of excellence has earned them the trust of Fortune 500 companies.


  • Blazing-fast performance
  • Global hosting in 35 locations
  • Expert 24/7 support
  • Enhances web project efficiency, perfect for developers


  • No included email hosting
  • Restriction of plugins

Get Started with Kinsta

Speed and Performance

When it comes to hosting, speed is the name of the game. Both and Kinsta understand the need for rapid loading times. With its focus on being the fastest WordPress host on the block,'s performance is truly impressive. Thanks to its strategically located data centers and optimized infrastructure, your website will fly at warp speed.

Page Size: 14.2 MB

rocket speed

Kinsta: Kinsta also boasts lightning-fast performance. With a global network of servers, they ensure that your site loads quickly no matter where your visitors are located.

Page Size: 3.4 MB

kinsta speed

When a page size is larger, it tends to load slower. However, even though Rocket has a larger page size, it still loads faster than Kinsta.

Reliability and Uptime

Your website's availability is crucial. Let's see how and Kinsta stack up in terms of reliability: takes pride in its rock-solid reliability. Downtime is a rare guest here, thanks to their robust infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring. Your site's online presence is secured round the clock.

rocket uptime

Kinsta: Kinsta also boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their advanced technology and vigilant monitoring ensure your website stays up and running consistently.

kinsta uptime

Security Measures

In the digital age, security is important. Let's examine how and Kinsta address this critical aspect: takes security seriously, with robust measures to safeguard your website. Their firewall, DDoS detection, and automatic daily backups provide a shield against cyber threats. Rest assured that your digital assets are in safe hands.

rocket security

Kinsta: Kinsta also prioritizes security, offering multiple layers of protection. Their platform includes firewalls, uptime monitoring, and automatic daily backups to keep your site secure and data intact.

kinsta security

Scalability and Growth Potential

As your website expands, it's essential that your hosting can keep up. Let's see how and Kinsta handle scalability: is designed with scalability in mind. Whether you're a small blog or a growing e-commerce empire, their hosting adapts to your needs. You can seamlessly upgrade to higher plans as your website traffic soars, ensuring your growth is never hindered.

rocket scale

Kinsta: Kinsta also offers scalability options, allowing you to accommodate traffic spikes and expansion. With various hosting plans and the ability to upgrade, Kinsta ensures your site can grow without hiccups.

kinsta scale

User-Friendly Control Panel

A user-friendly control panel can make managing your hosting a breeze. Let's see how and Kinsta stack up: boasts an intuitive custom control panel designed for ease of use. Navigating and managing your hosting environment is straightforward, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users.

rocket dashboard

Kinsta: Kinsta offers a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies the management of your hosting resources. With its clean interface and intuitive tools, you'll have no trouble handling your website's configuration.

kinsta dashboard

Customer Support and Assistance

When issues arise, reliable customer support can be a lifesaver. Let's examine the customer support offerings of and Kinsta: prides itself on a support team of hosting experts, available 24/7 via chat for speedy problem resolution. They aim to provide you with the assistance you need, precisely when you need it.

rocket chat support

Kinsta: Kinsta also offers 24/7 support, with a team of professionals ready to assist you via chat. Their commitment to timely support ensures that you have a helping hand whenever issues arise.

kinsta chat

Pricing and Plans pricing starts at $30 per month with a total of 17 price plans. You can get started for just $1 for the first month. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee available for all our services, except for Enterprise hosting plans. Save 16.67% with annual billing.

rocket pricing and plans

Kinsta pricing starts at $35 per month with a total of 10 paid plans. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and two months free on annual plans.

kinsta pricing and plans

When to Choose

Choose if you:

  • Operate only WordPress sites
  • Require the quickest TTFB (Time to First Byte)
  • Demand robust post-sales support
  • Manage multiple websites targeting diverse geographical audiences
  • Focus on boosting Core Web Vitals
  • Operate a bustling global WooCommerce store

When to Choose Kinsta

Choose Kinsta if you:

  • Work with applications or databases
  • Prefer a well-established hosting provider that uses Google cloud
  • Want a hosting provider with a broader datacenter presence
  • Need great customer support
  • Have a global audience
  • Have a higher budget.

Both and Kinsta are not suitable if you:

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Require free email services
  • Run a low-traffic information site where speed is not a critical factor

Best Alternatives:

When seeking the best WordPress web hosting, consider these top alternatives to Rocket and Kinsta:

Best for Shared Host with Fast TTFB Speed

logo hostinger 322x81 1


Fast TTFB, affordable pricing, and generous storage space make it a top choice for hosting your website.

Coming Soon ➔

Best for Overall Shared Web Hosting 

logo siteground 400x81 1


An all-rounder with bundled email, exceptional support, and the power of Google Cloud for reliable hosting solutions.

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Wrapping Up

Both and Kinsta excel in speed, ensuring your website loads lightning fast. When deciding, consider factors like scalability, pricing, and support.

No matter your choice,'s speed or Kinsta's global reach will boost your website's performance. Your hosting journey begins with selecting the partner that suits your goals best.

Happy hosting and success for your site!

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