14 Best Tools for Solopreneurs: Boost Your Business

by Cheefoo • Updated on 26 Dec, 2023

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tools for solopreneurs

When you're a solo entrepreneur, it's all about doing more with less.

You need the right tools for solopreneurs.

These affordable gems can help you make your business look like it's run by a whole team, and that's the secret to propelling your success. 

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Graphic Design Tools


You're wearing all the hats, even in marketing – creating cool images for ads, banners, or thumbnails. But outsourcing is pricey and slow, and you don't always get those editable files for future tweaks.  That's where Canva comes in as your solution. 

Canva, the friendly graphic design tool, is your go-to for creating awesome visuals for your business. Whether it's social media posts, presentations, flyers, or more, Canva's got your back, no graphic design know-how needed.

One cool thing about Canva is its bunch of ready-to-use templates. They give you a head start on your creative projects, and you can easily tweak text and colors to your liking.

When you're done, just pick the image format that works for you. Canva saves you time and money, especially if you're churning out four or more designs every month. You're in control, doing things your way.

Pricing: Canva is priced at S$17.99 per month with a 30-day trial.


If you're more of a design whiz, Photoshop is the way to go. 

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Accounting Software


Let's get real. As a business owner, you've got taxes to tackle and revenue to track. Relying solely on Excel spreadsheets? Not the best move.

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool for solopreneurs and small businesses. It simplifies financial management, helping you effortlessly track income, expenses, and invoices, keeping your finances organized and accurate.

QuickBooks also smoothly integrates with various third-party apps, expanding your business capabilities and streamlining operations.

Now, you can create essential reports like profit and loss (P&L) and balance sheets, showing your top-selling products and customers. No more paperwork headaches. You can easily track who owes you money, forecast growth with price changes, and review past transactions. It's a game-changer.

Pricing: Quickbooks kicks off at $30/month with a 30-day trial. 


If you're a micro-business, Xero's got your back. And if you're all about services, FreshBooks is your buddy.

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Project Management Tools


As a solopreneur, your plate is packed, and your mind is racing with a million things. Balancing multiple projects with various vendors and customers? You could definitely need a helping hand.

Trello is the ultimate project management buddy that empowers solopreneurs and teams to get their act together, collaborate on projects, and get things done more efficiently. It's like a visual project wizard that keeps your tasks on the right track and cranks up your productivity.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop cards, Trello's visual system is a game-changer for task management. It makes it a breeze for solopreneurs to sort out priorities and track progress without breaking a sweat.

This nifty tool lets you ditch your old to-do list and bring some order to the chaos. You'll be scheduling like a pro in no time. Plus, you can easily keep an eye on how things are moving, streamline your workflow, and finally get some well-deserved peace of mind.

Pricing: Trello is free. Paid plans start from $5 per user per month.


If you're a content creator that has a outsourced team, Notion got your back.

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Automation Tool

Thrive Automator

When you're dealing with apps that can't talk to each other, it's like having separate islands without bridges. You need an easy way to transfer info between them.

Thrive Automator is a game-changing marketing automation tool designed exclusively for WordPress websites. It automates and supercharges your digital marketing, making email campaigns, website actions a breeze, while saving time and ramping up audience engagement.

With easy workflow automation, Thrive Automator lets you design marketing sequences effortlessly, boosting your digital campaign efficiency.

You can link different software bits. This tool smooths the data flow and simplifies your processes. Say goodbye to the need for pricey developers to hook up your software – it saves you time and money.

Pricing: Thrive Automator is free.


If you're looking for a comprehensive solution, Zapier is the way to go.

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Messaging Tool


Nowadays, not everyone picks up a phone call. And when you do make that call, there's always a bit of weather talk before you get down to business, turning a quick 1-minute call into a 20-minute chat.

Slack is a messaging and collaboration tool that simplifies communication for solopreneurs and teams. It offers instant messaging, file sharing, and integration with other apps, making it easier to work together efficiently, whether in the same office or remotely.

Setting itself apart with its robust app integration capabilities, this tool provides solopreneurs with a unified platform to connect various business tools and streamline their workflow.

This tool comes to the rescue when you need a rapid response from customers or vendors. It's perfect for offloading your thoughts and questions without the lengthy small talk, allowing you to get the answers you need when your recipient is ready to respond. Plus, it serves as a written record, acting as proof of your discussions.


Your choice of messaging tools may depend on the platform the other party is using. Consider Microsoft Teams or Skype to ensure effective communication across all platforms.

Pricing: Slack offers a free basic plan.

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Time Tracking Tool


Accurate billing is essential for solopreneurs who charge based on time spent working. Disputes can be costly and harm client relationships. That's where Toggl, a dedicated time tracking tool designed for solopreneurs and teams, comes into play.

It helps you monitor and analyze how you spend your time, ultimately boosting productivity and enabling better time management for your various projects and tasks.

Toggl sets itself apart with its easy one-click time tracking, making it a breeze for solopreneurs to record and analyze their work hours, thus ensuring effective time management.

With this tool, you can simplify tracking work hours, enhance team planning, and make invoicing a breeze. Toggl ensures you get paid for every billable minute and offers valuable insights to optimize your projects.


Harvest excels in easy integrations, enhancing your workflow. For simplicity, Clockify offers an uncomplicated solution.

Pricing: Toggl provides a free basic plan and a 30-day trial for advanced features.

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Email Marketing Tools


There's a well-known saying: 'The money is in the list.' However, keeping track of every email correspondence and broadcasting emails without becoming a spammy nuisance can be a real challenge. That's where MailerLite comes in.

MailerLite is an email marketing tool designed to simplify communication for solopreneurs and small businesses. With easy-to-use email campaign creation, automation, and analytics, it makes engaging and growing your audience effortless.

What sets MailerLite apart is its simple drag-and-drop email editor, which allows solopreneurs to craft visually appealing email campaigns without the need for design or coding skills, making communication with their audience a breeze.

With this tool, you can send personalized yet broadcast emails with automation, just the way you want. This feature is a game-changer for product launches and promotional campaigns. Plus, the detailed stats and reports provided by MailerLite help you fine-tune every email you send, leading to more effective and efficient email marketing.


Brevo is the top choice for solopreneurs looking to build their list with automation and personalization for free, especially for the first 300 subscribers. 

Pricing: MailerLite provides a free plan with a daily limit of 400 emails.

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Web Hosting


Your website is the face of your online business, as all social media point back to it. For this reason, your website hosting needs to be both reliable and fast.

This is where SiteGround, a web hosting platform, comes into play. It offers reliable and fast hosting services on Google infrastructure, complemented by user-friendly website management tools. With SiteGround, hosting and maintaining your website becomes easy, ensuring optimal performance and security. It even includes fast bundled email services and exceptional customer support.

With SiteGround, you can confidently drive traffic and build on your website, knowing it won't fail. The stability of its hosting services provides you with peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for your online business.


For those seeking fast performance and reliable hosting, Rocket.net is an ideal pick. Read the full Rocket.net review

Pricing: Siteground starts at $17.99 per month.

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Email Hosting 

Google Workspace

Using free Gmail or Yahoo for professional email communication as a solopreneur doesn't quite cut it.

Google Workspace, on the other hand, is a versatile suite of productivity tools that includes Gmail and other helpful tools like Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. It's all bundled into one platform, backed by Google's reliable infrastructure.

One standout feature is the integration of Gmail within Google Workspace, eliminating the need for a separate email client. While it offers dependable email services, it's worth noting that customer support can be limited.

By using these email tools, you project a more professional image, which can significantly help your business grow. You also get the benefit of ample storage, reducing the need for constant archiving.


Exchange Online is ideal for those who rely on Outlook and are well-versed in its functionalities.

Pricing: Google Workspace offers plans starting at $6 per month. 

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Page Builder  


Hiring developers can be costly and time-consuming, and the results may not always align with your vision as a solopreneur. That's where Elementor comes in. 

Elementor is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress, designed specifically for users without coding skills. It simplifies website creation with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to design and customize web pages visually.

What sets Elementor apart is its lightweight coding and a wealth of ready-made templates. This empowers users to create visually appealing websites with ease.

Ultimately, nobody understands your business better than you do. While it takes time to learn, once you get the hang of it, you have the creative control to design and build your website exactly the way you envision it.


Squarespace is a top choice if you prefer not to self-host your website. For self-hosted WordPress sites, Thrive Architect is the go-to option if you need rapid website building capabilities.

Pricing: Elementor offers a free basic plan.

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Video Editing


Paying for professional video production can be quite expensive, which may not be feasible, especially when you're just starting out or require basic editing for your content.

Camtasia focus on screen recording and video editing. It's your go-to tool for creating professional videos, tutorials, and presentations. With its low cost and user-friendly features, Camtasia has become a popular choice for solopreneurs and educators.

With Camtasia, you can independently record your screen and edit your videos. Add text, b-rolls, effects, and music to enhance their quality and appeal. Once you're satisfied with your work, you can easily upload your videos to platforms like YouTube. 

This way, you can educate and engage your audience with captivating content that supports your business goals.


Synthesia offers a comprehensive video creation platform with AI avatars, screen recording, customizable templates, and various editing tools.

Pricing: Camtasia offers a one-time payment of $299.99.

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Calendar Scheduling Tool


The back-and-forth of sending emails to coordinate dates and times can be a real headache for solopreneurs.

Calendly simplifies the appointment-setting process by letting you share your availability, making it a breeze for clients or team members to book meetings at their convenience. With Calendly, you can bid farewell to those scheduling headaches.

What truly sets Calendly apart is its seamless integration with various calendars, ensuring that your availability is always up to date and preventing double bookings. This feature simplifies scheduling for both you and your clients.

By automating the scheduling process, you save valuable time and reduce the hassle of coordinating meetings. Calendly makes the whole process more efficient and user-friendly.


Doodle is a scheduling tool that simplifies group meeting planning and coordination.

Pricing: Calendly provides a free basic plan.

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Social Media Management


Repurposing content for different social media platforms can be a time-consuming task for solopreneurs. That's where Buffer comes in.

It's a social media management platform that streamlines content scheduling, publishing, and analysis across multiple social networks, making it easier to manage and enhance your online presence.

Another great feature is its detailed social media analytics, which helps you understand how your posts are performing and allows you to improve your content strategy.

With Buffer, you can schedule posts at the best times for your audience and manage multiple platforms from a single dashboard. This way, you can grow your online presence without draining your time and energy.


Planable is an ideal alternative to Buffer, emphasizing collaboration and approval in social media management.

Pricing: Buffer provides a free basic plan.

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Live Chat


When customers have questions or need assistance, they often seek immediate help through live chat.

This is where Olark comes in. It's a live chat and customer support tool that helps solopreneurs engage with website visitors in real-time, providing instant assistance and support to enhance the online customer experience.

A remarkable feature is Olark's sleek and modern appearance combined with advanced automation for targeted visitor engagement.

With Olark, you can provide quick support by engaging in live chat when visitors are available or by responding to messages left by them. By offering live chat as an option, you can provide visitors with another convenient channel to reach out, ultimately enhancing your customer service.


For dedicated support chat, LiveChat is an excellent option.

Pricing: Olark starts at $29 per month.

Wrapping Up

It takes time to learn and integrate these tools, but once you've picked them up, they'll become much easier to use in the future.

Now, it's your turn.

Have you used any of the tools listed? Or have I missed anything?

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