WPX Reviews: Truth Behind the Hype

by Cheefoo • Updated on 7 Sep, 2023

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wpx reviews

In this WPX reviews, I'll break down the pros and cons to help you decide if it's the right fit for your website needs. 

Time to uncover if WPX hosting truly delivers on its promises.

My Initial Thoughts on WPX

Initially, I found WPX a bit pricey. I had been using more budget-friendly hosts like A2 and InMotion. However, as I dug into its features, I began to see WPX as a smart investment. They include XDN, similar to Cloudflare, which is a big deal considering how much Cloudflare costs.

One thing that stood out to me was that WPX also throws in email – something you don't often see with premium hosts. This feature alone played a major role in my decision to switch over.

The main reason for the switch was speed. I needed hosting that could handle visitors from around the world quickly. My previous host had a discount at first, but after the promo period, it would bounce back to the original price. With WPX, I saw the potential for better global performance, plus the added bonus of bundled email service, making it a one-stop solution.

Notable bloggers and Trustpilot reviews had nothing but great things to say about WPX's support and performance. This really solidified my choice to go with WPX Hosting.

What WPX hosting Actually Is

WPX hosting is a premium shared web hosting service acclaimed for its speed, security, and stellar customer support. Specializing in WordPress hosting, it guarantees swift loading, automated backups, and free malware removal.

WPX Hosting boasts over 3000 Trustpilot reviews and has been recognized as the Momentum Leader on G2's Summer 2023 Grid Reports for WordPress Hosting.

Is WPX Perfect?

Before you make your hosting decision, let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of WPX Hosting. By understanding its strengths and limitations, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your website's needs.


  • Impressive loading times for websites.
  • Free malware removal and DDoS protection.
  • 24/7 customer assistance with quick response times.
  • Innovative content delivery network included.
  • Tailored hosting for optimal WordPress performance.


  • Initial expense compared to budget hosting options.
  • Only 3 hosting plans to choose from.

Is WPX Suitable for You?

Considering a hosting service that aligns with your needs is crucial for a successful online presence. If you're seeking a hosting solution that offers convenience, performance, and reliable support, look no further.

Choose WPX if you:

  • Want WordPress hosting with bundled email.
  • Don't want to pay extra for Cloudflare.
  • Prefer a simple interface for managing your websites.
  • Seek consistent and reliable performance.
  • Value exceptional customer support.

WPX Performance

When it comes to performance, WPX Hosting stands out with its exceptional speed and rapid loading times. As of 2023, WPX Hosting boasts three data center locations in Chicago, London, and Sydney, strategically positioned to optimize speed and reliability.

The hand-built XDN, comprising 37 endpoints worldwide, plays a pivotal role in speeding up content delivery.

wpx xdn locations

However, it's worth noting that performance evaluations from tools like Pingdom have revealed intermittent fluctuations in loading speed. To maintain optimal loading times, I've found that periodically clearing the XDN cache is necessary.

wpx clear xdn cache

A performance test was conducted on August 16, 2023, using various tools on the same web page, around the same time. PageSpeed Insights provides a more realistic view from Google's perspective.

wpx gtmetrix test


wpx pingdom test


wpx pagespeed test

PageSpeed Insights

WPX User Interface

WPX Hosting offers a user-friendly experience through its thoughtfully designed interface, ensuring easy navigation for users of all levels. 

wpx dashboard

The one-click WordPress installation simplifies the initial setup process, streamlining the path to getting your website up and running.

wpx add new website

While WPX Hosting employs cPanel on the backend, they have significantly customized the frontend interface. This customization enhances usability and accessibility. The interface is intuitive, making it straightforward to manage your hosting needs, such as DNS settings and file management.

When it comes to adding new DNS records, the interface is designed to be user-friendly. You can easily access the DNS management section and follow intuitive steps to add, modify, or delete records as needed. This streamlined process simplifies the often technical task of managing DNS records.

wpx dns interface

Similarly, the file manager interface has been tailored for ease of use. Navigating your files and directories is straightforward, and tasks like uploading, deleting, and moving files are intuitive and efficient.

wpx file manager

For those who prefer the original cPanel and enjoy exploring various bundled tools, the simplified interface might be a disappointment. It's important to weigh this aspect based on your personal preferences.

WPX Support

WPX Hosting offers truly exceptional customer support through their quick and responsive chat interface. Unlike some services that rely on bots, WPX's support is manned by real people who provide instant assistance.

wpx chat support

This team stands out for its consistency - not only in fast initial replies but throughout the entire troubleshooting process. They've patiently handled repeated tasks across my five sites, including cache clearance and performance tweaks, without hesitation.

What's more, WPX's support staff demonstrates an impressive depth of knowledge, often resolving issues on the spot. It's worth noting that their support operates 24/7, providing assistance whenever it's needed. 

WPX Security

Security is a top priority, with multiple layers of protection in place to safeguard websites. Beyond robust server security settings, mod_security serves as an additional firewall, complemented by free malware removal to enhance server protection. Each plan includes the Enterprise Level of DDoS Protection, bolstering defense against potential attacks.

For added peace of mind, automated backups are performed daily, although the exact timing remains undisclosed. The best part is that these backups won't use up storage space.

wpx restore automatic backup

Moreover, personal backups are custom manual backups, kept for just 24 hours. Remember, WPX Hosting offers automatic daily backups for 28 days. Note that custom backups affect your storage limit and creating a new one replaces the old. These backups are handy before and after significant changes, like theme shifts or major updates.

wpx personal backup

This comprehensive security approach ensures websites are shielded against a range of threats while allowing control over data and backup preferences.

What I Don’t Like

Just like with anything, there are a few parts that could be smoother. 

Email Experience:

While WPX Hosting is great for web hosting, its email service has been getting better over time. Even though email is included for free, the way emails sync with IMAP has had some good and bad times. Sometimes, spam emails get into the inbox even though there's a filter, and real emails can end up in the spam folder.

wpx correct email identify as spam

XDN Cache:

One thing to watch out for is XDN (Content Delivery Network) affecting performance when its cache goes haywire. It's a good idea to keep an eye on it and delete it from time to time to rebuild it when needed.

Maintenance Mode:

One thing that can be a bit frustrating is when you update plugins or themes. Sometimes, these updates make the website go into maintenance mode for a while, causing delays. To get things back to normal, you need to ask support for help, which can disrupt how your site works for a bit.

504 gateway time out

Third-Party Cache: 

WPX Hosting doesn't come with its own caching plugin. Instead, they rely on third-party options like W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket to handle caching tasks.

Even with these things that need improving, WPX Hosting is still good when it comes to hosting websites reliably.

Wrapping Up

If you're ready to take the next step toward a powerful hosting solution, I encourage you to explore WPX hosting. Experience the benefits firsthand and elevate your online presence with WPX. Your journey toward optimized performance and support starts here.

Best WPX Alternatives:

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